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My Proven "CHECC MAP" Plan

  • C is for Content
  • H is for #Hashtags
  • E is for Engagement
  • C is for CALL-TO-ACTION
  • C is for Contests
  • M is for Messaging
  • A is for Applications
  • P is for Profile

Module 1


  • What is Instagram? Why You Should be Using Instagram to Grow Your Business Now? Instagram Stats & Trends – Why and How you can jump in and quickly leverage Instagram for your business
  • Did you know there are different types of Instagram accounts? Find out The Right Type of Instagram Account to Grows your Business
  • How to Start Your Instagram Marketing Right! – 9 Basics You must know or else you might be wasting your time on Instagram
  • Facts about Instagram that you should know – every product has a manual, get a glimpse of Instagram’s own manual

Module 2

P is for Profile

  • How to set up a killer Profile that will bring you unlimited FREE Leads from Instagram
  • How to get people to find you and your business quickly on Instagram
  • How to quickly get followers once you sign up to Instagram

Module 3

C is for Content

Do you struggle with finding information to share online your followers will love?

I will be showing you where to get attractive and valuable information that people love and makes then becomes your fans for life!

It’s all done for you, all you need to do is pick them up!

Module 4

H is for #Hashtags

Are you confused about #Hashtags? Do you know How to use #Hashtags properly? Are you using the relevant Hashtags that will attract the right clients to your Business? I will be showing you all of this so you can start attracting your ideal client immediately!

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My Business Partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our Social Media Strategy Session with Tobi.

Tobi is very creative in the delivery of her Training and will help you drill down into the core of your Business in order to help you achieve your Goals for the Products and / Services you provide.

We received very valuable information for our Business from Tobi, our session was very thought-provoking and very much enlightening. In addition, Tobi both introduced and showed us how to use a number of effective and efficient Social Media and Online Tools that will help in growing our Business.

Thank you Tobi, You are the Best!

Abigail , Fink Africa UK Ltd

Tobi opened my eyes to the powerful Tool, Instagram is.

Before attending one of Tobi's Instagram Webinars, I thought Instagram was just for teenagers but fast-forward a month later, I am Instagram Savvy and enjoying engaging with a new audience.

Thank you, Tobi

Ava Brown, Author of "Bamboo and Fern", "The Musings & Thoughts of Ava Brown" and other books

Tobi is professional and approachable. Her knowledge and simplistic approach to Social Media Marketing makes it very easy to understand, utilise and connect with your ideal client and achieve excellent results using Social Media.

I have benefited immensely from Tobi's Resources and I would highly recommend Social Media Marketing Products and Services from Tobi.

Thank you, Tobi

Mary, Founder, "Glow with Mary" and "Not Just A Nurse"

I am so impressed with Tobi's level of Professionalism.

The assistance, guidance and assurance Tobi gave me after I approached her whist experiencing some technical issues with one of my Social Media platforms was so thorough that I was able to navigate through and solve the issue quickly without losing valuable data.

I am immensely grateful for the diligence you exhibited, the confidence you gave me and how you took control of my Social Media account and made sure everything was set up correctly.

I highly recommend Tobi as she delivers a wonderful service, provides a personal touch and gives very careful attention to detail.

Thank you, Tobi

Seyi, Wotever Cakes

Module 5

E is for Engagement

Social Media is a 2-way street. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

I will show you how to engage on Instagram that makes people follow you without you even following them!

Module 6

C is for Call - To - Action

Do you know how to use Calls – To – Action on Instagram without sounding Salesy and having people take action on your Posts?

I will be teaching you How to use CTAs on your Instagram Posts as well as What type of Calls - To - Action to use

Module 7

M is Messages

Learn How to use Instagram Direct Messages to Connect with your Ideal Clients on a 1-2-1 basis without being spammy

Module 8

A is for Apps

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how I use Apps to create images that convert heavily on Instagram!

I will also show you Apps for creating videos - you don’t even have to be in the videos if you don’t want to be!

I will also show you the Apps to schedule your Instagram Posts for later

Module 9

C is for Contest

Learn How to use at least 3 types of Instagram Contests to create a massive surge of Leads into your Business in hours!

Module 10


Learn the Secret Sauce that will ensure Instagram Skyrockets your Business


Online Webinar


Support for all of Your Instagram Marketing for Massive Business Growth

Hear what others are saying .....

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